Welcome to the site of the Freedom Quarter: the name of the new development connecting Wagenings two famous monuments: Hotel De Wereld and the Aula into a new meaningful hotspot.

The Freedom Quarter will be dedicated to the memorial of the impact of war and the celebration of our freedom that was bitterly battled for.


Over the next years the Aula will be converted into a screentheatre hosting a cross-over of films and live podium acts in a luxurious and historic setting.


Hotel De Wereld will be enlarged with extra rooms to welcome an even larger amount of guests attracted by the historic sites that are to be found in and around Wageningen, but also in the region and province of Gelderland.


Please find some of our suggestions:



Museum Casteelse Poort hosting a special section dedicated to the events during World War 2. Learn more


Museum Airborne Oosterbeek. Hosting a fenomenal experience of the Battle of Arnhem. Learn more


Canadian war cemetery Apeldoorn. Learn more.